About Spirit of Contradiction

Who we are

Spirit of Contradiction was started by a couple of users on IRC as a project to, first of all, allow for users to share lengthy and in-depth thoughts that IRC simply wasn’t meant for, and second of all, to share these with people outside of our own little community and with the broader web.

However, as a result of this history, the articles hosted here on Spirit of Contradiction, as the products of different contributors sharing their own distinct opinions, very frequently aren’t in full agreement with one another. As a blog we have no single “line” or tendency, and we have contributors from a wide variety of leftist and socialist schools, ranging from anarcho-syndicalists to eurocommunists and Leninists. Hence the name “Spirit of Contradiction.”

Readers are encouraged to share their opinions in comments. If you’d like to submit an article to be put on the blog, contact admin at spiritofcontradiction dot eu.