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Orthogonal, by Greg Egan: a review

Greg Egan’s books are remarkable for two rather unrelated reasons: on the one hand, the attention to detailed world-building which makes of his work “diamond-hard” science fiction, often including a great deal of mathematical rigour; on the other, a deft … Continue reading

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Violence and socialism

Today, more than it has in the past, the topic of violence is one that is being debated hotly, especially in the aftermath of the Occupy Wall Street movement, the workings of SYRIZA in Greece, and the wave of unrest in … Continue reading

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Debate on sortition

On the 27th of August, the IRC ##marxism channel on Freenode celebrated its first team debate. If this doesn’t mean a lot to you, check the ##marxism debates page for more information. Basically, ##marxism is a channel on IRC–a text … Continue reading

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Poetry: what it is for

Poets have from ancient times enjoyed a special status, which connected them with the sacred and the sublime. They were often believed to be inspired by divinity and this position as mediators between a mundane everyday existence and something higher … Continue reading

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