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The Strategy of Attrition: Part I

Conquest or Destruction of the State? Right from its beginnings in early 19th century, socialism has been bedevilled by debates over strategy in a way that right-wing ideologies have not. Would salvation come, as Fourier dreamed, from wealthy benefactors funding new … Continue reading

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Democracy and the role of the party

Democracy in Crisis “In sharp contradiction to the belief that democracy is only a way to Socialism is another viewpoint which is also quite popular in Socialist ranks, namely, that true democracy is possible only in a Socialist society and … Continue reading

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Working Class Hero

There is a fairly widespread argument concerning the working class that goes something like this: The Working class is now only a small fragment of the population. The old class politics is therefore permanently dead and can not be resuscitated. … Continue reading

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What is Historical Materialism?

When we are born we see the world without preconceptions. The sense data from the world flows into our brains without systematic categorisation. For this reason the world seems a nonsense. We can not understand it and we can hardly … Continue reading

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Disrupting Democracy

In that last few years there have been numerous mass demonstrations which lead to changes of government, including in Egypt and the Ukraine. During this period the United States has been a major player in attempting to destabilise democratically elected … Continue reading

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Anti-Capitalism: The Musical! – Interview with Deirdre Murphy, writer and director.

AC:TM is a crowdfunded project to produce radical theatre in Ireland. If you’d like to donate, their funding page is here: Tell me about Anti-Capitalism – what is it and what is it intended to accomplish? AC:TM is an … Continue reading

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