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Paul Cockshott is a computer scientist interested in political economy. His books include Towards a New Socialism, and Computation and its Limits. (

Critical notes on the “Manifesto of the Initiative for Democratic Socialism” (MIDS)

This is a critique of the Manifesto of the Initiative for Democratic Socialism (Slovenia) The ideological dominance of capitalism as the only feasible mode of production is coming to an end. In the second half of the 1970s, when rapid … Continue reading

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Historical Materialism and Repudiation of Subjectivism

I am an engineer, so I was naturally pleased when the leading materialist philosopher of today, Daniel Dennet came out in defence of the significance of the engineering viewpoint to philosophy in his book Darwin’s Dangerous Idea. In what follows … Continue reading

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Quantum parallelism and scientific realism

The philosopher Althusser said that philosophy represents ideology – in particular religious ideology to science, and science to ideology. As science extended its field of explanation, a series of ’reprise’ operations were carried out by philosophers to either make the … Continue reading

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New Age Marxism

I have started reading Heinrich’s ‘An Introduction to the Three Volumes of Karl Marx’s Capital’. I decided to read it after I was told that this was probably the most influential work published by what are termed the ‘value form’ … Continue reading

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