Debate on the role of the party

At the ##marxism channel, on the Freenode IRC network, we’re holding debates on some of the burning questions for Marxists. A few days ago, we held a surprisingly interesting debate on the class nature of the USSR.

The format of the debate is that typical of debating competitions, and the purpose is not so much to solve these problems definiteively–which would be rather unrealistic–but to have an excuse to study, clarify our own ideas, confront them with those of others, and hopefully learn in the process. Of course, the rhetorical skills employed in debating are worth training in their own right for anyone who wants to participate in politics, at least on the public-facing end of things.

We’re holding a debate on the role of the party on Saturday, 23rd of June, at 1800 hours UTC. Though it would be an atypical time, if you’re curious what we’re like, you could join us for it. I’m sure it will be interesting.

About modulus

Modulus is an unaffiliated Marxist from South Western EU (Spanish state). He studied computer science and law, and is at present preparing for civil service exams for the Spanish administration. An avid IRC user, he enjoys arguments and will occasionally play devil's advocate. He regards himself as orthodox and is concerned about unscientific attitudes on the left on such things as nuclear energy, biotechnology, and so on. His support for the European Union as a platform to unify the class struggle across the continent has earned him plenty of strong opposition, and doubtless will continue to do so; until, that is, his view is vindicated by history.
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