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Hi, all,

This is a little introduction post. It seems a good idea to tell something about myself before getting into deeper waters, and it will hopefully break the ice.

After having finished my law degree in 2010, I suppose I’m a Spanish lawyer, though I’m not practicing yet. Like many desperate Spaniards in these times, I am preparing civil service exams in order to access a relatively stable job. Before studying law and–so they say–selling out, I studied Computer Science at a British university, and I still have an abiding love for the discipline, even though there are few chances I will get paid work as a programmer. Complicating things (I’m already Spanish and young) I also have a disability, which makes getting a job a near-impossible task.

Politically, I regard myself as a Marxist. I’m just about equally dismayed by the tiny autonomists or trotskyist sects as I am by the “official” left in Spain, which leaves me somewhat disconnected from local struggles. Not many of the 15M movement comrades in my area, either. So I have a rather pessimistic outlook in the short term, as you can imagine; but I think we must remember the very core of the dialectic: things change.

About modulus

Modulus is an unaffiliated Marxist from South Western EU (Spanish state). He studied computer science and law, and is at present preparing for civil service exams for the Spanish administration. An avid IRC user, he enjoys arguments and will occasionally play devil's advocate. He regards himself as orthodox and is concerned about unscientific attitudes on the left on such things as nuclear energy, biotechnology, and so on. His support for the European Union as a platform to unify the class struggle across the continent has earned him plenty of strong opposition, and doubtless will continue to do so; until, that is, his view is vindicated by history.
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